Wednesday, January 30, 2008

why hello there

So it has been a while I see... I was working long hours animating on Horton Hears a Who from July to the end of December, so I had very little time to myself. Since then I have had a month off and got some rest and started a new project with a friend of mine. We were inspired to tackle a Western, and have a pretty sweet outline already. All we need to do now is design and flesh out the story for a while. Here is what I have came up with thus far for the bandit:

We will be finally uploading to our production blog sometime soon, so we can document this sucker.

In other, more exciting news, I was hired full time at Blue Sky Studios, and I start on Ice Age 3 on Feb 11th! I know, I know... I tricked them all!! It has been an amazing experience thus far... I can't express the level of dedication and talent that surrounded me everyday. Hopefully I can keep up with them all...